Hello HTQers! I cannot believe this day is finally here. My dream has finally come to fruition. I am glad I get to enjoy this with others.

Happy May the 4th Be With You and Star Wars Day! Do you have a favorite Episode? My favorite is The Empire Strikes Back. “Do. Or do not. There is no try” (Yoda, 1980). Words to live by and how I stay productive. 

Depending where you are located you could be on Day 60 or Day 20 of self-quarantine or your State’s Order for “Shelter in Place.” Some states are slowly starting to open businesses back up.  Are you going stir crazy? I have luckily been working from home since 2015 so it’s not much change for me, but I have some friends that are not as comfortable. How are you doing? Any suggestions for one another? Email your stories off here for a chance to be featured on our website or newsletter and free leads

Like any other relationship it is not enough to tell you who I am, but it will take time and growth for you to learn that everything I said about who I am is just the tipping point. I am so much more than those words. My actions illustrate more than my words could ever possibly do. I am a small, hometown Southern gal that loves to learn, consult, forge relationships, and pass information along that will help and connect others. 

I respect that you don’t know that about me yet, so we are in this together. You are probably wondering who and/or what is a HTQer. When I would address employees as a whole in emails, I would always greet them with HTQers because they were part of my team. I wanted them to know that Hometown Quotes or myself could not do it without them. I want the same for you, my audience. Regardless if you are a current customer, future or past customer, employee, or colleague I want you to all know you are part of my team. Without customers we would never gain the intelligence of how our leads perform or how we could perfect a missing link. It won’t be the last time you read it, so get used to HTQers because we are a team.

Building relationships and communities is what this life is all about. Connecting with the right people at the right time and making moments that we can grow from whether in our business or personal sector. The insurance industry is full of networking opportunities to learn and grow from one another. At every agent conference I attend, I want to talk to everyone. I want to hear the good, the weird, and the aha moments. I want to meet other industry experts from other companies and discuss pain points and how we can make the industry better. We are living in an age of technology and virtual reality these days. Let’s learn to navigate these waters together. Let’s build our relationship and the communities we interact with every day. Become part of the By Agent. For Agents. team and let’s lead the world in educating agents nationwide (no purchase necessary). 

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