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5 Ways Insurance Agents Are Using Texts

Texting is a great way to follow up with a lead.

7 Tips For Cold Calling Leads

Learn how to make cold calls that close deals.

6 Important Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Learn which metrics you should be tracking to optimize your sales cycle.

5 Tips For Selling Insurance Over the Phone

Learn how to establish credibility, authority and expertise over the phone.

4 Tips For Overcoming Sales Objections

Practice active listening and learn how you can overcome sales objections.

Auto Leads To More Opportunities

See how auto leads can grow your book of business.

Best Practices for Contacting Leads

Find out the best days and times to contact a lead.

Setting Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals

What are they and how to adapt them.

Relationship Marketing

Here are 4 ways to get started.

3 Steps to Effective Lead Response Management

How to use effective communication techniques to turn a potential sale into a customer.

Real-time delivery of internet leads

A casual introduction to Hometown Quotes and the meaning of real-time delivery.