New Year, New Goals: Setting Your Insurance Business Up for Success

As the new year approaches, it’s time for insurance agents and their managers to think about how they plan to approach their insurance business in 2024 and beyond. Over the last few years, many consumers have experienced increasing dishonesty and fraud across industries. The insurance industry isn’t an exception. Every agent needs to make a resolution to rebuild consumer trust.

Never Misquote or Misrepresent Anything

An agent must never mislead their clients. Yet, you might accidentally present inaccurate information while attempting to gain a potential customer’s interest or trying to explain technical information or jargon. For this reason, always slow down and think before speaking. Consider every word you say carefully, especially when explaining product and service offerings, premiums, fees and other costs, benefits and coverage areas, and terms, exclusions and limits.

Use Ethical Consultative Sales Strategies

Although written scripts can help you provide honest, straightforward answers without errors, never take a “one-size-fits-all’ approach to insurance sales. Scripted responses typically make consumers feel like numbers and sales goals. Instead, use active listening skills and follow-up probing questions to learn more about the person on the phone or in front of you before you offer anything. Additionally, review the latest industry ethics and fraud protection measures and change your responses and related day-to-day processes accordingly.

Pick High-Value Bonuses and Incentives

Sales leaders often incentivize agents in ways that imply customers matter less than weekly or monthly sales goals and bonuses. If you’re a sales leader, focus on consultative sales strategies and other proven methods to build lasting relationships with new and existing customers. Motivate agents to think more about guaranteeing that every client receives the products and services needed to help them protect their property and their loved ones based on their long-term goals, budget and other personal factors.

As we stand on the brink of a new year, the imperative for insurance agents to rebuild consumer trust takes center stage. The commitment to transparency, integrity, and client-centric practices is not merely a resolution—it’s a pledge to redefine industry standards. By setting clear goals and embracing innovative approaches, insurance professionals can forge a path toward success in 2024 for their insurance business. May the coming year bring not just growth in sales but a renewed sense of integrity and trust that propels the insurance industry toward a future defined by transparency, authenticity, and unwavering client satisfaction. Here’s to a year of setting and surpassing goals, fostering trust, and achieving unparalleled success in the ever-evolving world of insurance.

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Emma Graham is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Hometown Quotes. While one of the few team members who was not a former Insurance Agent, she does feel being someone who has had insurance for the past few decades gives her some credibility!


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