8 Tips for Closing Deals with Consumer Personas

The concept of customer personas has existed for many years. Prior to the widespread use of software-generated data, they were a common method of marketing strategies. Today, gathering or developing customer personas is the key to closing deals quickly. You are moving in the right direction if your marketing team researches to build a portfolio of buyer personas.

What Exactly is Customer Personas?

Customer personas are how you find what your ideal prospects look like. It is a collection of detailed descriptions of customers that you are dealing with currently, as well as dealt with in the past. Customer personas tell you what to look for in a customer. In fact, they tell you how to identify the right customer as well as how to change your sales tactics based on their personalities. You get data such as personality, interest, attitude, workplace culture, and values with personas. Buyer personas can also expose the customer’s communication preferences, issues, and habits to help in closing deals.

Tips to Seal the Deal

Tip 1: Knowing Your Customer

Knowing customers isn’t just for the moment, but for the long term. With accurate and timely information, you will be able to proceed beyond the customers’ initial requirements. That way, you can help your team work smarter and better. The more you know how the customer communicates regularly, the better position you’ll be in to use that channel for communication. So, instead of calling an email-preferring customer on the phone, you will be able to establish contact without much effort and wasting the time and resources of both.

Tip 2: Talking to Your Customers

A successful marketing strategy doesn’t simply involve knowing who your customers are. Interviewing them in detail has a significant impact on overall success. Begin this phase by engaging with customers to collect information about their needs, challenges, habits, and values. That is, develop a game plan to work towards adapting to their communication style. You can always change or modify existing strategies to match your customers’ requirements.

Tip 3: Building Persona Details

Using the interview responses, you can now create a collection of personas, which should be detailed as possible. Defining and refining such a collection is the one aspect of sales that offers the marketing team an advantage over disorganized data.

Tip 4: Creating an Instant Reference Note

Any relevant information pertaining to a customer should be easily accessible from anywhere. This can be done by creating a reference card for that customer and storing it in a safe place on the cloud.

Tip 5: Adding to the Sales Engagement Platform

A customer persona is a generic term that includes most details about a customer. Here, there are added insights as to which may be the most profitable way of reaching customers as well as other essentials. Building this information into a sales engagement platform or management style will make things easier down the road.

Tip 6: Automating Workflow

The fact that you have carefully prescreened your customers’ needs is a positive factor not only in building a persona but also in automating the workflow. In fact, the automated tasks will help you weed out irrelevant information. Your team will appreciate the fact that their time and effort can now be used for other important matters. Tools such as Outreach and HubSpot come in handy to help and grow communications automatically which in turn help close deals faster.

Tip 7: Storing Personas Data

In essence, well-researched customer personas can go a long way to help sales success. They help close deals quickly and efficiently. You avoid the risk of tough strategies by re-writing the rules for certain customers.

Tip 8: Reviewing Database

In conclusion, customer personas are how you find, reach, and convert leads to sales in this fast-paced world. Resources intelligently spent on this strategy are resources extremely well spent.

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