Internet leads are no longer a stranger. We need to embrace them and work them. It can be daunting, but it is really easy to incorporate into your daily activity. Don’t live in fear, stand up in it! Don’t hate internet leads. They work, if you work them. 

Let’s take a look at how I found success in working internet leads:  


     1 – Know what type of leads you are purchasing

Not all lead vendors generate leads the same way, but to understand how to work your leads you must know your vendor’s process in acquiring consumers. Once you know this, you can connect with them better when making contacts. 

Here at Hometown Quotes, we generate our leads through paid search, display advertising, and marketing partnerships. We find the most high-intent online shoppers through SEM and SEO marketing. We own and operate several sites. We partner with companies that generate leads just like we do. We monitor their activity to make sure their leads are performing as well as our own leads. 


     2 – Don’t take forever to make contact

They aren’t going to wait just for you to reach out. Consumers are most likely filling out forms on multiple websites for quotes. We have some great tips on contacting consumers! When you receive a lead, make contact right away. 


     3 – Process all the information you have

Consumers don’t always read through each question thoroughly or understand the context of the question. They may have just left some fields defaulted or guessing at what they think the best answer would be. If you aren’t making contact via phone, generate a quote based on the information you do have and apply as many discounts the consumer qualifies for and hit send. 

The consumer can now see an actual number which is what they wanted. They will be able to compare to other quotes and reach back to you for more information. Or you may have been the only or first agent to send them a quote. If the quote needs to be adjusted, it is easily explainable because it was based on the information they provided.  


     4 – Show your personality

Don’t be boring. We are in the age of the internet so you rarely see your customers, so let your personality shine through verbal and written communication. You are also probably not the only agent contacting the consumer so stand out, every time! 


     5 – Are you tracking your progress

Most agents are purchasing leads from different vendors. All lead providers work differently for each agency. One agent’s experience may not be the next agent’s experience. Your lead provider should deliver the best results of leads for agents over the long run. Working leads is a long-term investment. Make sure to track your progress of cost, contact, quote, and conversion. This will help you analyze which lead vendors work best for your company. 


     6 – Buying in volume for those who close the deal

It makes sense to purchase a lot of leads because you want to keep your pipeline going and growing, but you have to make sure that they are being worked efficiently. Don’t spend a lot of money on leads for people who don’t work them. Spend money on leads for those who know how to close. Those who are willing to make contact quickly. 

Make sure producers are trained in how you want them to work the lead. Set them up for success. We do everything here to make sure we provide the latest and greatest resources for best practices. Allocate the leads you purchase to the producers who will actually work them. 


     7 – Don’t be passive or overly aggressive

Being passive aggressive won’t win the battle. You have to be able to make a lot of calls, send a lot of emails, and x-date a lot of leads to have a return on investment. Have a process that works for your agency so that you are acting on leads as soon as possible. 

Don’t be overly aggressive. No one wants to be called 5x a day everyday for a week. Be creative. Be desired. Make them want to call you back. 


     8 – There is no time limit on working your leads

Leads don’t have an expiration date. Don’t make one call. Don’t send one email. Just because they didn’t buy your policy this time, you now have their estimated policy expiration date. Email them in 6 months or a year, X-DATE! 

If a consumer doesn’t qualify for your product, don’t throw it away. That consumer may qualify in the future, they could qualify for a different type of product, they have friends & family they can refer, and you paid for it. This all leads back to x-dating your leads. 

Just be respectful, consistent, and memorable!


     9 – Don’t take “no” as the first answer 

We all have had a consumer tell us “no,” but that doesn’t have to be the end. Continue to ask questions to learn more about what they need and how you can assist them. They will tell you anything to get you off the phone. Push through and make a connection. 



Everyone is online researching and shopping. Probably more so now than ever before. Internet leads worked properly can take you from expense to profit quickly. Get in front of these consumers and start quoting!

Here’s a quick recap of my success story:

  1. Know what type of leads you are purchasing
  2. Don’t take forever to make contact
  3. Process all the information you have
  4. Show your personality
  5. Are you tracking your progress
  6. Buying in volume for those who close the deal
  7. Don’t be passive or overly aggressive
  8. There is no time limit on working your leads
  9. Don’t take “no” as the first answer 

If these 9 strategies leave you with more questions or suggestions, I am ready to answer them. Feel free to email me directly and don’t hesitate to check out our resources and tools to help with your company’s needs.

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