Organizations want to hire and retain the best employees, but what does that actually mean? Recruiting can be a long and arduous task when trying to find the best employees. Candidates either don’t have certain skills or won’t fit into the organization’s culture. Resume experience does not always show all the candidate’s characteristics and qualities. Not assessing a candidate’s qualities and characteristics could impact the organization’s culture, performance, and lengthen training efforts. So how can you maximize your value?

Most organizations cannot afford not to have a nest of valuable employees that are competent in their roles and represent what is best for the organization. Employees that invigorate the organization’s core missions, objectives, and goals are keepers. They employ certain work ethics that shine amongst the other employees. Once management has observed these valuable traits, it is helpful to enhance the employee’s feeling of worth which will result in overall improvement in their quality of work. 

Although these tips will help you get a job, it is also valuable to continue to embody these tips to remain a valuable employee:
  • Integrity. Telling the truth about subjects that can be delicate, such as difficult customers or coworkers and ineffective policies makes for a good employee. 
  • Dependable and accountable. Employees who take responsibility for their actions are accountable and those who arrive on time and don’t let others down are dependable and make for a highly valuable employee. 
  • Conflict resolution. Employees that can address and resolve disputes respectfully instead of avoiding it, not placing blame, and just telling what someone wants to hear have good work ethics. Emotional intelligence will help in resolving conflicts. It is about being mindful of one one’s own emotional state as well as others. 
  • Professionalism. Taking the time to be polite, calm, well-spoken, and presentable at all times is part of being professional.

      Acknowledging what skills and traits to look out for as well as to what to build upon with existing employees and recruitment of new employees will make sure that these preferred qualities are fostered and grown throughout the business. Technical skills are a start in business experience. While it is important to have to get the job done, it is also important in how the assignments are completed. These interactions are suggestive of the attitude, perspective, thought process, and adaptability of a valuable employee. So, are you a valuable employee?

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