Calling Tips for Scripts

Your process for cold calling is a way to get the prospect to understand that they need what you have. When cold calling it is good to get in the habit of creating different scripts for different scenarios. Using calling scripts does not mean you recite them verbatim, but it helps you keep a few things in mind like an outline.

With the right script in place, it will help to keep the prospect on the phone long enough to listen to your entire pitch. Prospects can feel when the sales representative doesn’t have faith in the company or product they represent. Here are a few examples of scripts that can make or break a sale:

Say Their Name

Every time you cold call, use the consumer’s name in the script. Using a person’s name builds rapport and can lead to the consumer pausing for a minute and listening. This will in turn humanize both of you and will help to give more time for your pitch. 

Multiple Scripts

There are so many different types of consumers that one script won’t fit each type of consumer. You should have multiple scripts that will help you get out all your points to the consumer. A script for a single woman making $55,000 annually will be different from the script you have for a single father of two making $80,000 annually. 

Don’t Ramble

It is important to get your point across, but if you don’t come up for air you won’t be able to listen. You already have convinced the consumer to stay on the line, so you might as well listen to the prospective customer then you can tweak your next talking points. If the consumer is not opening up, ask questions. Other product opportunities may open up than what you expected.

Needs & Objections

Cold calling is not easy and there will be some hesitation and more no’s. In order to be ready for those objections anticipate the prospect’s needs. Do a little research before you cold call. Use the knowledge you gain to customize your selling and talking points. If you anticipate the objection, you will be ready to respond and reroute the call back towards the sale. 

In the end, don’t waste the prospect’s or your time. Don’t fill silence with a lot of words. Be concise and to the point. Before you dial, figure out how you can help the prospect. If not, you will have a hard time keeping their interest and the call going.

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