Life moves faster than it used to. More and more, we expect not just speed, but also convenience in our lives as consumers. Technology has a lot to do with it, making it easy to interact with your favorite brands without ever leaving your chair.

All of this power at our fingertips means that in-person meetings and even phone calls—common sales vehicles used by insurance agents—can feel cumbersome to your customers. So it’s worth paying attention to how you can craft a great experience for your client that will match the ease of their other consumer experiences (or offer value beyond that).

Think About Your Consumer Experiences.

An easy way to think outside the typical insurance-sales box is to tap into your own experiences as a consumer. What businesses or professionals do you enjoy working with most? Under what circumstances are you happy to spend money?

Getting a great deal is one obvious reason, but there are also probably times that you’re willing to spend more than market price or withstand some inconvenience. It could be something like driving a few miles out of your way to get the perfect chocolate croissant from your favorite bakery. Or maybe you’re willing to pay a little more for a new vehicle at a fixed-price car dealership. Perhaps you think it’s worth the additional expense to go to a specific out-of-network doctor for medical treatment.

Try to analyze these situations to determine why you sometimes willingly part with more cash than you have to for comparable goods or services. In the case of the bakery, it might be the quality of the ingredients that keeps you coming back. The car dealership might just be a more comfortable experience all around because you hate haggling. And in the case of your doctor, the trust factor may be much more important than saving a few dollars.

How can you translate qualities like quality, comfort and trust to insurance sales? Sometimes it’s through small things like business cards that are printed on weightier card stock (quality) or the offer of a chilled name-brand beverage and a cushy chair when a client comes to your office (comfort). Other times, the experience you offer can be more meaningful, like calling your client when he suffers a covered loss to express genuine concern (trust).

Ask the Questions Your Customer Would Ask.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How can you make their lives easier? Why would a person want to do business with you? What can you offer that would set you apart?

Then choose a few of your current clients and ask them those questions, both as it relates to their insurance purchases and in other areas of their lives. Remember that you’re not just competing with other insurance agents. You’re also going up against every other consumer experience your client has.

Once you have their answers, boil them down to a thematic keywords (like quality, comfort and trust) and brainstorm ways you can deliver client experiences that match. You’re looking to make insurance sales feel as easy, fast and convenient as any other purchase they make.

Need to brainstorm more ideas? Your Hometown Quotes Regional Director is a great sounding board and happy to share how other insurance agents are finding success. Give us a call at 800-820-2981 to get started on your success journey.

Bailey Hubner

Bailey Hubner is the Email Marketing Manager at Hometown Quotes and Staff Writer for Hometown University.

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