Many studies have shown that employees who are not motivated cost companies approximately $350 billion every year due to lost productivity. Increasing workplace morale doesn’t just mean how happy employees are, it translates to several things like workplace culture, how the management is interacting with junior employees and how effective the management is.

High morale only happens when employees feel that their interests are being taken care of. The insurance sector can be tough and employees may sometimes feel overwhelmed. If there’s no elaborate system of recognizing and appreciating their efforts, then employees are bound to lose morale and perform dismally.

Below Are 6 Tips to Increase Workplace Morale

1. Know Your Employees

This might sound obvious but is a great tip when it comes to boosting workplace morale.
Unfortunately, most employers tend to know obvious facts about their employees such as their age family size and so forth.

However, they forget simple things such as their likes and dislikes, hobbies and their passion. These are the little things that can help you boost morale in an office. How will you be able to motivate your employees if you don’t know what makes them happy?

2. Get Your Employees Involved

Working as a team is another way of boosting morale. When you are the one making all the decisions without the input of your employees, it tends to demoralize them. It makes them feel as if they don’t count. This will discourage them from brainstorming or getting involved in any meaningful conversations.

A good corporate culture is one that accommodates the views of everyone in the company. Even if you are going to make the final decisions, it is good to hear everyone out just to make them feel part of the team. This will not only make them happy but also encourage them to engage in serious issues affecting the company.

3. Reward Hard Work

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Research has shown that employees who are appreciated tend to be happier and more productive. You need to come up with a way of recognizing and appreciating employees who perform exceptionally. This will not only increase their morale to perform better but also encourage others to do the same.

You can do this on an individual level or a departmental level. For example, if a particular team has made the highest insurance sales, it would be a good idea to reward them for their hard work. This is a great way of increasing workplace morale.

4. Team Building Activities

Team building is a great strategy for insurance companies that want to build a strong corporate culture as well as increase workplace morale. Building a strong team is not all about recruiting the right talent. After hiring the right talent, you should go ahead and build a strong and effective team. One of the best ways to do this is through team building.

Other than increasing workplace morale, team building also helps to foster strong relations among employees. They will be able to trust each other easily and collaborate in various activities. Set aside an annual budget for every department specifically for team-building activities.

5. Support Employee-led Initiatives

It is important to give employee space to come up with initiatives and support them. Some companies have ended up with excellent programs simply because they supported their employees to come up with their own initiatives.

As an insurance company, you should find ways of identifying talent and among employees and support them in all ways. This will encourage them to come up with ideas knowing you will support them.

6. Encourage On-going Open Communication

Frequent communication is one of the most powerful ways of improving employee morale. A recent survey revealed a majority of employees feel motivated when they are able to communicate their issues freely in an organization.

You should train and encourage your managers and senior staff to have better one-on-ones with employees. Whether it is a corporate or a small business, it is vital to keep communication channels open at all times.

Boosting workplace morale should be a continuous process. When employees are demotivated, your company’s productivity is likely to go down. The above-mentioned tips can help increase workplace morale and improve productivity.

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