When you purchase insurance leads from Hometown Quotes, you get them by type, i.e., someone looking for auto insurance. So at a minimum, you know that customer is interested in that specific product.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t offer other types of insurance, too. You probably already know that cross-selling, the process of getting a customer to purchase more than one insurance product from you, is a good idea. But you may not be practiced in doing it. Here are some thoughts about how you can make cross-selling easier. If the concept of cross-selling is unfamiliar, you may want to start with this article first.

Be Intentional

Cross-selling should not be an optional part of your sales process. You miss out on possible sales, and you may be doing your client a disservice by not trying. Think about it this way—if a customer had two cars, would you only try to sell them insurance for one? Adopt the mindset that your job is to meet all of your prospect’s insurance needs, not just the one they are currently shopping for. Some auto insurance leads may shut you down because they only want that auto quote. Fair enough. But others will be open to hearing what you have to say.

Know the Benefits

From a consumer point of view, the most obvious benefit of purchasing multiple policies from the same insurer is cost savings—the discount they receive for purchasing multiple policies from a single insurer. There are other selling points that are also effective, including:

  • Fewer coverage overlaps (Why pay for the same coverage on two different policies?)
  • Fewer coverage gaps (Does Company A’s policy cover something Company B’s does not?)
  • Fewer policies to manage (Syncing renewal and payment dates for multiple policies is appealing for some consumers.)

Read up and ask around, then decide which points you feel you can most effectively make in order to close a cross-sale. A busy homeowners insurance lead may appreciate knowing that they only have to deal with all of their insurance renewals once a year.

Ask and Offer Often

If you don’t already have an intake form for new clients, create one. Be sure you cover these key points:

  • Include questions about their lives—number and ages of their children; whether they rent, own or have plans to buy; if they have life insurance or not, etc.
  • If they have other insurance policies, ask for their X-dates (the renewal dates for those policies).
  • Be transparent about why you’re asking and explain that you’ve got their back when it comes to insurance. You may not always have the lowest bid, but you can always try to find it.

What about current customers? Do you have some about whom you don’t know much when it comes to their insurance needs? It’s never too late to ask. An easy way to do so is in the context of mentioning discounts. Say you’ve had an auto-insurance customer for several years. At renewal time, you may already be confirming how many miles they drive a year and whether their college-age driver has good grades in order to lower their price. Why not ask if that same student might need renters insurance, too? Explain how bundling can lower premiums for multiple policies.

Standardize Your Messaging

Make sure that you are consistently mentioning all of your offerings in your communications with customers and prospects. These mentions don’t have to be obnoxious or take much time; repetition alone will help drive your message. For instance, you can:

  • Create a script for your company voicemail that includes a brief mention of all of the products you sell.
  • Make sure the homepage of your website clearly lists all them, too.
  • Create a standard follow-up email that you send out shortly after you’ve made a sale and still have their attention. Express your gratitude and include a mention of the other products in your portfolio.

Once you develop a cross-selling mindset, you’ll find that it’s one of the most effective ways to build your book quickly. And it often doesn’t take much effort. Make the most of your insurance leads and help your clients get the best deal possible on their insurance by integrating these simple strategies throughout your agency.

Bridget Chamberlin

Bridget Chamberlin works in marketing at Hometown Quotes and is posting author and editor for Hometown University.

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