Have you ever found yourself away from home or by yourself on a holiday? Maybe, you think, feeling a bit sorry for yourself, I’ll treat myself to a special meal. So you walk out the revolving door of your hotel or hop in your car and start looking. Fancy steakhouse? The lights are off. French bistro? The door is locked, mon ami. Fast-casual chain? Empty inside. Now you’re getting desperate. Grocery store? Closed at 4 p.m.

By the time you’re munching on the orange crackers you picked up at the gas station, you’re frustrated. You’d pay a lot of money for even a semi-decent meal at this point. But no one is providing what you want when you want it.

Have you ever considered that this could also be true about people who want to buy insurance on a holiday?

Restaurateurs aren’t the only ones who sometimes miss this prime opportunity. And the internet is always open for business anyway. If you’re in insurance sales, there are holiday customers online looking for what you’re selling.

It’s easy to talk yourself into the idea that no one is going to be shopping for insurance on a holiday, but that’s just not true. For one thing, not everyone celebrates every holiday. About 75 percent of U.S. citizens identify as Christians. This means 25 percent do not. The nation’s total population is about 327 million. If you do the math, at least 80 million people are not celebrating Christmas. That’s a pretty big pool of potential insurance buyers.

There are lots of other reasons people shop on holidays, too: they don’t have free time except on holidays, they’re procrastinators, they’re hiding from Uncle Phil and his incessant talking in the other room, they gave or got a new gift that they want to insure right away, etc. Whatever their reason, these are all high-intent customers. This is their chance to cross “get insurance” off their list, and they don’t want to settle for orange crackers.

What’s the conclusion? It’s a good practice to block out time on holidays for insurance sales.

Don’t worry…you don’t have to spend the entire day working or make you or your family miserable in order to see results. Plan ahead, figure out when it would be a good time to disappear with your computer and phone for a block of time and inform the family of what you’re going to do and why.

What is the why? You’ll have less competition for the fresh, high-intent leads that come in because many of your competitors will be taking the entire day off. The metaphorical hot, delicious plate of insurance you offer has a better chance of being the best choice available to the people who are craving it. That means you make sales. Then you can get right back to watching football, playing cards or tuning out Uncle Phil.

If it’s helpful, your Hometown Quotes Regional Director is always happy to give advice or talk through the process of how to configure your lead settings to take the best advantage of holiday insurance sales. Just give us a call at 888-808-6007.

Bridget Chamberlin

Bridget Chamberlin works in marketing at Hometown Quotes and is posting author and editor for Hometown University.

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