Most people don’t enjoy being pushed. You probably don’t either, which is why it can be tempting to dismiss articles about why you really should jump on internet leads as soon as they come in. They often contain statistics like this: According to, you are 100 times more likely to contact a lead and 21 times more likely to qualify that same lead if you call them within five minutes compared to 30.

Translation: You need to call leads back within five minutes or else!

It kind of feels like one of your parents is yelling at you, doesn’t it? If you bristle a little bit when you hear this directive, you’re not alone. For a lot of insurance agents, the freedom to set their own schedule is precisely why they got into this line of work. Just who does this pushy customer think they are? This can create a perceived mismatch between you and your potential customers—almost a feeling of antagonism.

Or maybe it’s not quite that extreme, but you still have a hard time making a callback happen within five minutes. Maybe you work better without interruptions. Maybe you’re chatty and have a hard time ending other calls. Or maybe you just need a new perspective.

Three Steps to a Better Perspective

1.Understand Who Benefits from Timely Responses  

It helps to think about who benefits when you call a lead back right away. The answer is you. That’s it. The customer has plenty of other ways to buy the exact same insurance that you have to offer. But you can’t replace that particular lead. It behooves you more than them to call back right away. That’s how you make them YOUR customer instead of someone else’s.

Make it a mantra—I’m calling them back for me.

2. Create the Right Sales Process

If you understand that you are the one who benefits most by responding within five minutes, do you have a process in place to facilitate that? Do you have the right tools? It could be as simple as making sure you have a good phone headset, a few working pens and a notebook at the ready in your car.

Or it could mean spending some time planning for how to graciously juggle calls. What if you’re already on the phone with one Lead #1 when Lead #2 comes in, and you know you’re not likely to wrap up in five minutes? Think through standard language that you can use that doesn’t make Lead #1 feel like you’re jilting them for someone else. “I’m so sorry, but things are a bit crazy here at the moment. Is there any way I can call you back in 10 minutes?”

Remember that although it’s a good practice to make your first call back within five minutes, you don’t necessarily have to make the sale on that first call. If you establish great rapport by being friendly and prepared, you can find out how quickly they need an answer and whether it would be alright to call them back shortly. This will involve reading your customer, of course.

That said, if Lead #1 is a hot prospect, it may make sense to let Lead #2 wait after all

3. Update Your Hometown Quotes Settings  This is the easiest part of the better-perspective reset. When’s the last time you checked your Hometown Quotes settings? Are they maximized so that you are receiving leads on the days and times when you can respond quickly? If you’re not sure or want some help, your Hometown Quotes Regional Director is a great resource to help you figure that out. You can reach them by calling 888-808-6007.

As with most things when it comes to insurance sales, your attitude is going to be the biggest factor in play when it comes to closing the deal. Making it a priority to call leads back within five minutes can be a chore or an opportunity—it’s your choice.

Bridget Chamberlin

Bridget Chamberlin works in marketing at Hometown Quotes and is posting author and editor for Hometown University.

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