How to Sell Insurance During a Pandemic

Knowing that we are protected has become a paramount concern for many of us. As we listen to the news and scroll through feeds, we feel fear, sadness, anger, boredom, anxiety and hope, sometimes all at once.

These are extraordinary times for everyone. On one hand, some parts of life have stalled completely—businesses, schools and restaurants are closed indefinitely. On the other, life continues as it has for decades—water and electricity still reach our homes, trees and flowers still bud and bloom and individuals and families still need insurance.

 It’s against this backdrop that you, an insurance agent, are doing your job. There is now an opportunity for you to do it in a way that will help support others and your greater community during this pandemic.

 Jump on Leads Quickly

Leads like those available from Hometown Quotes come from people who are actively shopping for insurance online—they want a quote now. More than that, they want to know that they are well-protected now. You can help by calling them quickly and bringing your most steady, reassuring self to the interaction. Understand that some may be more prone to worry and impatience than usual. Try not to take negative emotions personally; they probably aren’t directed at you.

Protect Against Fear-Based Purchasing

Worry and anxiety can lead consumers to make decisions that are not in their own best interests. Watch out for these panic purchasers. They may want higher coverage levels than actually make sense or be looking for a policy that isn’t really going to meet their needs. You are the expert. Use your knowledge to reassure, educate and lead them wisely. 

Check in on Older and Vulnerable Customers

Some older adults and vulnerable individuals don’t have family or friends to look out for them, especially those who live alone. Often as people lose their mobility, they also see a sharp decline in the number of people they interact with—they may be one of many customers for you, but you may be one the few contacts in their lives. Review your customer database and reach out to check in on anyone who might be in those shoes. It’s the right thing to do, and you can build an awful lot of goodwill, too.

Help to Allay Fears

A nosediving, mercurial stock market has many of us feeling jumpy and not very trusting, which can bleed over into customer concerns about the strength of insurance companies. Now is a good time to bone up on the insurance company or companies that you represent. How long have they been in business? How many policyholders do they service? What are some key economic statistics you could quote that might reassure your customers and prospects? Do a little homework so you can speak with confidence if it comes up.

Share Your Expertise Publicly

Don’t be shy if you see a chance to correct insurance-related misinformation on Facebook or help answer insurance questions from nervous neighbors on Nextdoor. If you can proactively educate others on new information like how the claims process works in the era of social distancing, do so. Sharing accurate knowledge will benefit anyone reading it and can help introduce you to a new pool of prospects.

Feeling safe has rarely been so important to so many. You are in a profession that can provide that feeling to those who need it. So bring your A game over the next several weeks or months or however long this pandemic lasts. And be prepared to listen well and reassure often—your steadiness can be a real service to those who are suffering through a very uncertain time.

Hometown Quotes continues to provide fresh insurance leads that can help you build your book—even during a pandemic. Call us at 800.820.8921 to get started now.

Brendan Sera-Shriar

Brendan Sera-Shriar is the CMO for Hometown Quotes and a Staff Writer for Hometown University.

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