Wouldn’t you love to have perfect sales calls all the time? They don’t happen by accident. Being able to think quickly on your feet helps, but blindly jumping on a call relying on charm and ad lib won’t get the job done…perfectly. 

Call mapping can be used to facilitate you on your sales call journey. The process of designing a plan and getting the most out of your cold calls and sales approach is commonly known as call mapping. Check out how to sketch out your aspired conversation beforehand.

First, you need details to be able to map out your desired conversation. Collecting insights about the person on the phone, their organization, and more through industry blogs, company websites, and social media profiles will help you determine certain landmarks for your desired call. 

Next, you don’t want to waste your time or theirs so you should have the right questions mapped out to determine if this would be a good fit for them and the company. Get them talking about their obstacles. All the insights you receive will help you qualify the lead and move them to the next step of the sales process. 

Lastly, you want to summarize what you have learned from them. Then in greater detail, start the next step. You have made your elevator pitch and now it’s time to schedule the follow up call, additional information through emails, and hopefully mapping out the signed contract. 

Call mapping isn’t meant to be used to script a whole conversation. You want this to have a natural ease about it. Mapping out the call means being prepared with talking points and anticipating objections. Call mapping is meant to move the lead through the sales process faster.   

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