The speed of service is one of the most overlooked tactics to attract and retain customers. Timely customer service means to provide support to customers in a favorable manner by responding to their requests as well as resolving their issues. All customers respect and value a rapid reply from a business. Although customer expectations are constantly changing, the one thing that will remain constant is the more responsive a company is to the customer needs the more the business they will retain and/or attract. 

There really is no golden rule of thumb to define your response time. What could be reasonable to one person may be totally unreasonable for another. For your company, your strategies will be what differentiates you from your competitors. You must create standards and consistency that will influence how loyal your customers are and will become. There are 3 key benefits of providing timely customer service. 

  • Notoriety

Providing effective customer service will earn your organization a positive reputation. Your notoriety is just as important as the quality of your goods and services. If a customer is unhappy with your service they are more likely to make it known. It is important to provide each customer with a positive experience to avoid any negative implications around your business’s reputation. 

  • Devotion

Your loyal customers help keep your surge of business going. Being considerate and friendly will create loyal customers. Once your customers are loyal, don’t forget about them. Just because they have been with your company for a long time, do not take them for granted. They need the same respect as new customers.  

  • Referrals

We all love referrals and there is no better way to get a free lead. Companies want referrals because they want customers to recommend their services to coworkers, friends and family. Word of mouth advertising is invaluable to a company. It has more power than a random email or phone call from a sales representative. When others hear successful and positive feedback from others they trust, they are more likely to try out the recommendation.

Responsiveness must be a key and fundamental part of your business that should be tackled. Laying out clear expectations is critical. Companies that have figured out how to respond to customers expeditiously, efficiently, and caringly have a distinct advantage over their competitors. 

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