The regional directors at Hometown Quotes, all successful former insurance agents, have lots of good advice about how to work online leads. Here are three tips that take varying lengths of time to implement:

Adjust Your Quote Language


When someone fills out an online form requesting an insurance quote, and you respond with, “Would you like a quote?” it can give the impression that you’re not paying attention—kind of like going to a restaurant and saying, “Hi, I’d like a chicken sandwich,” and hearing back, “Do you know what you’d like?”

Try this simple, more enticing wording instead:

“I’m ready to give you a quote to see if we can save you some money.”

With this language, you’re making it clear that you’ve got their request and information and are ready to move forward. Plus…who doesn’t like to save money?

Vary Your Approach


Even though Hometown Quotes delivers leads within minutes of a consumer filling out an online form, you won’t always be able to reach that person immediately. It’s important that you keep trying to reach out in different ways.

Emailing, calling and texting are all acceptable ways to reply. If one doesn’t work, try another a day or two later. Be brief, friendly and give them a reason to respond. (See Tip 1 about including language about saving money.) Also try to connect at different times of day, including early evening. You never know what work or life schedule a potential customer may be on.

Create or Tweak Your Sales Funnel


The concept of a sales funnel has been around for some time. The idea is that it’s your job to move customers from the point where they are initially first aware of your service or product (the wide top of the funnel) to educating them about the benefits of buying (the middle of the funnel) to closing the deal (the tip of the funnel).

Try writing down the steps you take after you receive an online lead, or create a drawing if you’re a visual person. How many times do you initially reach out to a potential customer? What are you doing to demonstrate the value you bring to the relationship? Do you re-contact leads that were not interested months later to see if anything has changed? Notice if there’s a pattern to when a sale goes bust, and then think of ways to change up that part of your process. A change in timing or message tone could bring about different results.

If you haven’t given this much thought before, your time will be well spent. You may also want to consider investing in software or a company that specializes in sales automation. Click here to read more about that.

Want more tips and ideas? Hometown Quotes has ‘em. Give us a call at 1-888-808-6007 or click here to receive more information about how you can grow your business.

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