In the second part of our blog “Convert Your Leads and Keep them Happy” we walk you through the next 5 tips on how to help your business grow through quality lead response and long-term customer retention.

Like we mentioned in the first part, when it comes to insurance lead conversion, timing is everything. The art of sales requires knowledge, dedication and empathy for the people you serve. When people are shopping for insurance they are generally ready to buy. A hot lead gets cold fast.

Management must establish a process-driven workplace culture with consistency and property training. You will be amazed by the increase in lead conversions. We want to be a part of your team. We will provide the leads; you work your magic with stellar customer management. We want you to turn our hot, new leads into sales. That’s why we never provide you with old or stale leads.

6. Drip campaigns create top of mind awareness: Whether or not you successfully land a lead, it is a good idea to create various drip campaigns within your CRM. Create a multiple part drip campaign for those who express interest in insurance, but didn’t ultimately close. Create another for closed customers to remind them you are on their side and are ready and able to help. If you offer different products, create different campaigns for life, auto, home, health and others. The key to a successful drip campaign is a balanced mix of “I’m here to help” messages and news and information your customers can really use. The point of a drip campaign is not to sell, sell, sell; it is to make sure when your lead thinks of insurance, he or she thinks of you as the be-all-end-all expert.

7. Listen: This seems like a simple point, but listening to your lead can help establish a sense of trust, a rapport and an actual relationship. When a lead details his or her needs, write those needs down and repeat them back to the customer.

8. Keep an up-to-date electronic calendar: Don’t count on paper napkins, post-it notes, and matchbook covers to manage your time. Keep an online calendar and invite members of your team (as appropriate) to view your calendar. Ask them to invite you to view their calendars related specifically to your business. Keep everyone on the same page as you build your empire! If you’re not working with an assistant now, all these hard and fast protocols you put in place will make it possible for an assistant to seamlessly step in when your business grows and you require help.

9. Make your first contact armed with information: If possible, make your initial calls where you have access to your computer and have solid information at your fingertips. Because you are answering leads in real-time, that won’t always be possible. Call anyway. Let the lead know you received their cry for help and you are on your way to a quiet place where you can listen and answer questions.

10. Love your profession: When you love your work, it shows. Leads want to work with efficient, knowledgeable people; and they do want to work with real people. Don’t be afraid to exchange pleasantries (sincerely), freely share your insights and express interest in each potential client’s unique circumstances. The people you encounter will enrich your life and your business.

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