Look at where you are in your insurance sales career. How much revenue did you pull in last year? $100,000? $200,000? If so, how did you get there? Was it by grinding it out, taking meeting after meeting and any lead you could grab? Or did it involve an organized, systematic approach?

At some point in every career, you wake up to the fact that you could be doing more with less — that is, working in a more efficient manner so your time becomes more of your own instead of constantly belonging to other people.

When Blitz burst onto the customer relationship management (CRM) scene in 2011, it did so with the purpose of helping small businesses get more out of their customer relationships, while also improving the overall customer experience. The founders of Blitz understood these two elements — business and customer satisfaction — were inextricably linked.

Healthy businesses make happy customers. Happy customers make healthy businesses.

Simple circular logic, yes, but it also has the statistics to back it up. Take as an example the revenue question presented above. Did you know that, according to the CRM industry news site SmallBizCRM, a good CRM system can boost revenue per sales person by 41 percent? That means utilizing a proven software program like Blitz can turn your $100,000 into $141,000 or your $200,000 into $282,000.

Not dealing in numbers that high just yet? Even at half the $100k, you could turn $50,000 into $70,500. That’s a significant lifestyle change for a single, independent agent and a substantial one if you are expanding your agency to two or three salespersons.

So what’s special about CRM software?

For starters, it allows you to keep all your leads, referrals, clients, and past clients in one place.

The Hometown Quotes lead system specifically integrates with Blitz allowing its leads to feed into the existing services of any agent looking for a CRM partner.

From there, you can use Blitz to develop relationships with all leads you feed into the system. Blitz gives you the opportunity to essentially automate your sales follow-up activities, organize data, segment prospects and customers, and sort and filter data for reporting that makes sense.

And remember, customer retention, not sales acquisition, creates ROI.

Obtaining leads and making that first sale is important, but not as much as what happens after the sale. This is what will influence the maximization of customer revenue, retention, and referrals.

Imagine for a moment an agent, who competes on price alone. He gets the client in the door, but after that, things get sketchy. He’s not good at nurturing his client after the acquisition, and before you know it, rates change at another company and the customer ends up asking, “Why am I staying?”

Once beaten on price, even by a few cents — and it will happen — the customer will be gone unless given reasons to stay. And imagine this customer is so disenfranchised by the lack of value provided, he not only leaves, but tells 5 or even 10 people about the horrible experience. Before long, word gets around, and you end up worse off than before the sale!

That’s where lead nurturing becomes vital. It keeps the customer on your radar. It allows you to follow up and make appointments and provide the kind of service that leads to strong word-of-mouth, better retention, and glowing referrals. The proof? SmallBizCRM’s research shows that proven CRM programs, like Blitz, can improve retention by as much as 27 percent.

This is the primary reason why 60 percent of small businesses are already using a CRM system for their email marketing, and the industry is expected to reach $36.5 billion in value by the end of this year.

Quite simply, it works.

If you would like to get started enjoying the benefits of CRM, Blitz is offering a free trial, which you can access here. Unlike a lot of free trials in the SaaS market, Blitz allows for 30 days. Giving you plenty of time to explore Blitz’s features and really get a sense of how it can help you elevate your sales and client relationships, while also educating your team on how to get the most out of the software. Try it out!

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