Company Overview

Dial Your Leads (DYL) is a computer-based service that helps insurance agents reach customers quickly and efficiently. And it integrates seamlessly with Hometown Quotes. Here’s how it works:

When Hometown Quotes generates a fresh lead—someone who is online shopping for insurance at that moment—an agent can have that lead’s information sent to DYL instantly. Those details populate an information screen, and DYL simultaneously calls the lead before calling the agent. The agent gets a call from DYL, presses 1 to speak with the potential customer, and the sales process begins.

DYL is a must have for your office. It can do it all and is the heartbeat of my agency. Great company, great people, and super great customer service.

– Jason K. Midlothian, VA

What if you, the agent, is too busy to receive a call?

DYL can send a text message instead. Studies have shown that 99% of all text messages are read by the recipient, which means this is an excellent way to establish contact and set an appointment for a time in the future that is convenient for the lead. Any text responses go to DYL, so you do not need to worry about receiving texts on your personal phone in the middle of the night. The contents of all texts are recorded and made part of a customer’s file, as are all phone calls, which means it’s easy to refer back to prior communications.

What happens if the lead is unreachable?

Because customers don’t always pick up their phones and it may take six or seven tries before contact is established, DYL can be pre-programmed to keep making call attempts at specified times: 30 minutes after the initial call, 60 minutes after that, etc. This means that you no longer have to manually remember which customer is where in the contact process. And instead of having to look up numbers, dial and make notes about the outcome of each attempt, DYL does all of that for you. So you can move on to other tasks while DYL keeps working behind the scenes.

How does DYL benefit me?

Because DYL prices their services per user, the company’s offerings can be useful for insurance agencies of any size— single-person and multi-person shops. For solo agents, it’s almost like having a personal assistant to handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks. And for those overseeing others, DYL offers a company dashboard that enables managers to track what staff are doing at any given time—a snapshot of the contacts that are currently underway.

With DYL, it’s also possible to easily set up future actions. For instance, if a customer decides not to make a current purchase, an agent may want to X-date that lead—a process that refers to the practice of noting when that customer’s policy is going to come up for renewal in order to re-contact them at that time. Simply enter a date when a customer may be likely to shop for insurance again, and DYL will automatically contact the customer then to re-establish a relationship. This type of X-dating can be easily programmed once for multiple leads that meet the same criteria.

Case Study – Increasing Premiums by 500% with DYL:

Here’s a case study with insurance agent Steve Compton, who took his business from $20,000 to $100,000 per month using DYL to call his leads.

Case Study: How Steve Compton went from 20k to 100k per month from on Vimeo.

Hometown Quotes Discounts

The most successful insurance agents that Hometown Quotes works with have one thing in common: they know that selling insurance is a numbers game. The more potential customers contacted, the greater the odds of closing more sales. The services provided by DYL are a great fit for agents because DYL improves contact-rate efficiency, increasing the number of customers that you can reach.

Hometown Quotes’ customers are eligible for a 20% discount off DYL’s pricing packages, which starts at $100 per month. To take advantage of this deal or learn more about DYL, click here or call (855) 357-9249.


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