In 2019 there was no way we could have fathomed while planning for 2020 how the year would have turned out. Somehow 2020 has been 10 years all in one.  We have learned to work from home, the ins and outs of online conference calls, and how to navigate through this new wave of growing our businesses online. As we prepare for 2021, we have to incorporate what our new world looks like and how we can best serve our audiences in the current climate. 

During this time, I have been contemplating ideas on ways to finish 2020 strong and begin 2021 even stronger. This time can already be stressful for salespeople, but along with the 4th quarter we now are operating in rocky waters. We have to rethink our strategies and how to end the year with a bang, so I am sharing 5 strategies to get you started.

  • First things first, strategize

This is the time where you focus on who your target customers and prospects are that can benefit from your product and deliver the best revenue. That way it is a win-win for both them and you. Also plan what you need to do to complete the goals you have set for the 4th quarter. This will help ensure that you are not behind going into 2021.

  • Revisit the past

We all lose business, but it is what we do with that exit feedback to continue to grow our business. Check in on past customers and prospects that didn’t work out. See how they are doing and if they have any concerns you can assist them with. Let them know what has changed that can change their “no” into a “yes.”

  • Organize your pipeline

Your pipeline should be prioritized by the plan you strategized above. What contacts are best to reach out to. This is a perfect time to check in with your existing customers. They are the best prospect because they already trust and work with you. Then I followed up with those I had spoken to in the past and built a relationship with, whether they were customers or not.

  • Manage your time through the sales cycle

Next you should switch your focus to pushing opportunities through the sales cycle. This is the time to grind. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Updating  your CRM with your latest sales activity helps push clients through the cycle because it will make communication faster and easier so everyone in the office can assist.

  • Enhance your closing skills

Don’t be shy. Never leave a conversation without asking for their business. Your execution skills are a necessity. Don’t give up! Learn what they need, give solutions, set realistic expectations, prepare for objections, and ask for their business.

It will take discipline and dedication to successfully end the 4th quarter. It requires planning and action. Invest the time now, to reap the rewards later on in the 1st quarter. We have other content, resources, and tools you can download from Hometown University that are things we have learned along the way that could be vital to your company’s success. If you would like to know more about any other content that we don’t have posted, please feel free to email me directly.

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