Sales can come with a high level of anxiety that usually can be attributed to fear. That nervousness can lead to your downfall as a salesperson. Sales doesn’t have to be frightening. Don’t let rejections and quota make you nervous because stress can become your greatest adversary. 

The good news is that you can overcome your nervousness and turn it into successful encounters for you and the customer. Check out our 5 ways to turn your nerves into results!

  1. Know

Know yourself. Per Thrive Global, 67% of salespeople are close to reaching their burnout point. Recognizing where you are is important. Check out what is causing you to respond negatively. Face them head on. The more practice you have in acknowledging your feelings, the easier it will be to manage them in a more realistic and natural way. 

    2. Listen 

Listening actively can be the most profitable attribute as a salesperson. Converting a sale doesn’t have to take long, but does because you don’t listen to the needs of the customer. Don’t let your past dictate your future. A customer wants to feel like they are in good hands. That won’t happen if you go into autopilot and are responding like a robot instead of understanding like a human. 

    3. Build 

Not all sales turn into customers right away. Closing deals is ultimately what the salesperson is looking for, but if a customer needs a little handholding don’t be afraid to build a relationship with them. Building this long-term relationship will help closing the deal eventually and with referrals from that relationship. It’s like softball, you won’t hit a home run every time, but your batting average will increase with each swing you make count. 

   4. Organize

Don’t let the anticipation of work cause unnecessary stress. It would behoove you to access your goals and organize them into concrete actions in list form. Organizing the chaos will help work seem less intimidating. Prioritizing what needs to get done will help you spend less time multitasking which leads to less stress. 

   5. Trust

Some people fall into sales, but the majority of people have a knack for the sales industry. Remember you have the goods to do what you do. Confidence is key to being successful in sales. Life is messy at times, but fake it til you make it. The more time you spend doing something, the better you will get. Take a few moments in those low times to gain control over who you are and your emotions to empower yourself to push through. 

Once you have learned to acknowledge, comprehend, and manage your nerves, the more control you have over your time, energy, and focus. Try some of these techniques and comment below if they have had a positive effect on you. 

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