2020 has been a doozy of a year and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I have dealt with customer interaction in some facet within Hometown Quotes the entire time I’ve worked here. Though it may seem like the time is dim, there is no better time than to be checking in with your customers. A small gesture to see what their needs are and how you can be there to assist them goes a long way. 

Creating a plan that checks in with your customers is a great way to give them comfort and peace. Simple plans can be created with most CRMs that have a marketing platform developed. This will add to your customer’s experience. It will also assist you in being more proactive. 

Make the call, don’t rely only on emails. Comfort and peace calls (AKA C&P Calls) are the way to go in creating a long term relationship. Taking the time to dial the number, check in and see how your customer is doing, how you can assist during this time, or leaving a great voice message will all build confidence in you and your customer.  

Start today. Implement C&P Calls into your strategy. Need help starting off? Check out my C&P Engaging Topics strategy I have used and continue to have a lot of success. If you have already implemented a strategy, how is it working for you? Feel free to email me directly.

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