I believe everyone can relate to showing up to class and hearing the famous words “Pop Quiz Time!” Queue the eye rolls, sighs, and a slight snicker from within the teacher’s soul. Just kidding, she or he isn’t that sinister…hopefully, right? 🙂

But I truly have a quick question. If you were to purchase insurance leads, which of these are your biggest pain points? 

  • Budget
  • Making contact
  • Invalid information

What if I could provide solutions for all three pain points? Interested now? 

Here at Hometown Quotes we are just like you. By Agents, For Agents. These are all important concerns to have, but the only way to prevent them is to have a plan in place to combat them. 


Hometown Quotes always has a monthly promotion for new agents. We even have key relationships with carriers that offer great incentives to their agents for using Hometown Quotes. One of our new agent promotions is a one-time, 50% match on your deposit up to $500.00. That means you could potentially receive up to 40 FREE LEADS!

Making Contact

We also provide agents with a library that offers the latest and greatest resources and tools. Making contact is not always the easiest because consumers are shopping for quotes outside of working, parenting, and normal day-to-day life. We have to be specific when we call to make sure they know our intent. We have multiple scripts about leaving a call-to-action voicemail message and the best days and times to contact to have greater success

Invalid Information

We understand with internet leads there are some instances where you may need to return a lead. We do not cap your returns, but will verify each one. We provide agents with over 5 valid return reasons. Returning leads helps us block low-performing campaigns and put more spending towards the more successful campaigns. Make sure to request returns for leads that are actually invalid so as to not skew the successful campaigns. We do understand that some agents don’t want to deal with the time spent returning leads, so we can set your account up for “no returns.”

We are uploading new content monthly, so If you can’t find something, please feel free to email me directly. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to contact our sales or service department, email myfriends@hometownquotes.com

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