Five Ways to Connect and Get Insurance Sales to Increase

As an insurance agent, you are tasked not only with providing your customers with quality insurance products but also signing on new policyholders. Generally people contact you through necessity; however, as you know, sometimes you have to sell your products to drum up clients. There are different ways to go about getting new clients and cold calling is the worst. No one wants to be interrupted in their day-to-day and let’s face it, you don’t want to be the intruder.

Let’s look at 5 more effective ways to increase sales in a way that is pleasant for both you and the customer.

1. Volunteer in the Community

By being active in your community, you make personal connections that often lead to professional connections. Once people get to know and trust you as a fellow community member, working to better people’s lives, they will also see you as a trustworthy source for their insurance needs. Organize a clean-up event, volunteer at school functions, or offer to work community gatherings. Anytime you’re mingling and promoting the health of the community, you are promoting your company.

2. Hand Out Business Cards to Businesses

Business cards are a great resource. You hand them out to your friends and family, new contacts, and others in your local community; but how do you get them in the hands of potential clients beyond that? Try making contacts at local car dealers, real estate agencies, pool stores, and recreational vehicle dealers. Put your card in the hands of those who are buying something that makes your services necessary.

3. Utilize Hometown University Resources

A site built by agents for agents, Hometown University is a helpful resource that assists in many aspects of the insurance industry. Featuring extremely affordable lead generation services along with informational sources, it’s a proven, valuable resource. Whether you are looking for tips on prosperous sales team management or new strategies for speaking to clients, Hometown University is a comprehensive site for all things insurance.

4. Attend Home Shows and Conferences

A great way to promote your business among homeowners, contractors, and those businesses that conjunctively help the clients you seek is to promote your business at local home shows. Set up a booth and hand out business cards and pens, supply brochures and chat with people. Home shows make great contact generators for all the staff!

Insurance Conferences are also a great place to make new contacts. Yes, most of the people you meet there are in the business, but even those people can help you generate leads. It helps to know others in the biz when they are trying to assist their clients and cannot. If their company doesn’t provide the corporate products that you do, and your friends as well as colleagues, you bet you’re getting a recommendation.

5. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media

A mere digital presence isn’t enough to get you noticed and keep you noticed anymore. Yeah your website gets traffic and the digital ads you have help bring them there, but people’s digital lives are constant nowadays. You have to be constant too. Consistently updating your professional social media account with posts depicting positive community involvement as well as reminders about weather related coverage, or special offers is great promotion. You’ll not only be able to promote your insurance products but also you’ll become part of the digital community where people now co-reside.

Leads Are Your Goal, How are You Going to Get There?
Deciding on what lead generation avenue that will most benefit your business can be difficult when you’re looking to narrow it down. But why narrow it down? You sell something that’s comprehensive to customers who expect comprehensiveness. Why not make your lead generation and business development comprehensive too? Try involving yourself with each one of these aspects and you’ll see increased sales that will make you smile.

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