Keeping Your Workforce Engaged: Six Top Tips for Insurance Managers
Insurance firms depend on the commitment, passion, energy, and engagement of their employees to remain competitive. Most firms are undergoing a transition period where leadership is unlocking employees’ full potential by allowing them to exercise their complete authenticity. Keeping your workforce engaged is one of the fundamental goals of all leaders to leverage their unique perspectives and strengths.

Leaders have a collective responsibility to inspire their teams, keeping them engaged, informed, and working towards collective business goals. Most insurance firms are facing challenging times due to inflation. Therefore, leaders need to ensure the employees are committed to the objectives. The success of insurance firms depends on employee engagement. The employees require the support of their leaders during this time more than ever.

Every insurance company leader needs to do the following to keep their employees engaged:

1. Clarity in Communication
Before creating an engaged workforce, the leadership must have a thorough grasp of the team members. During uncertain times employees are looking for solid leadership, take this as the time to commit to them and help them find some answers. You can build engagement through communication within the firm.

Be Transparent – the leader should share as much information with the employees as possible. Share good and bad news without hesitation, but deliver the news because teams respect honesty and transparency.

Listen – avoid over-communicating and listen more to the employees and their solutions to some of the challenges they face. Hold open conversations with the employees and listen to their perspectives while marrying into some of them.

Remain Humble – humble leaders do not take a back seat and do not shy away from knowing everything, but they are open to corrections and different opinions and own up to their mistakes whenever they mess up. While building engagement, the leader must be humble because the energy will flow down to create engaged workers.

2. Promote Professional Growth
Upon understanding your employees better from the close interactions, insurance company managers can build on this trust to find new opportunities for employees.

3. Promote Personal Growth
As a leader, commit to your employees by understanding their career objectives. Set a pace for them by setting actionable goals that they can achieve easily while promoting their professional advancement.

4. Never Stop Learning and Recognizing High-Performing Workers
As a leader, inspire employees to keep learning from the best and connect with mentors who will inspire their career path. It is helpful for the leader to set targets for the employees and reward those who achieve them. As a leader, retrain your brain to value high-quality work. High-performing workers have characteristics that set them apart.

5. Leaders and Employees Commit to Each Other
Promoting employee engagement means working hand in hand with the employees because the leaders should first see the commitment expected from the workers. Insurance firm leaders are expected to have more energy to establish an authentic connecting point with the workforce.

With the ongoing economic crisis, business leaders need the employees to build their establishments back to stability. The leaders will only secure the jobs of their employees if they are committed and highly engaged in the business to build it and generate value.

6. Hold Employees Accountable
The leader’s role is to oversee the functions, duties, and primary roles of employees. Every organization has underperforming workers and rising stars. The leadership should not tolerate underperformers but hold them accountable for their work if they want to improve engagement. Underperforming employees bring the morale and bar too low for the business, which could frustrate the performers while breaking down the momentum.

Set clear expectations – it is important to hold regular meetings where you discuss the shared vision with the employees and set expectations. Communicate your expectations for insurance sales clearly with the employees, and set objectives and deadlines together. In this meeting, let everyone learn the tips and tricks they need to achieve the set goals.

We hope this article gave you some tangible ideas on  keeping your workforce engaged. For more articles just like this one, visit our site here.

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