You may not buy them boxes of chocolates or bouquets of flowers, but connecting and building relationships with potential clients is essential. It’s easier when you have a clear picture of the type of client that is the right match for your agency. Do you know what kind of customer you are looking to attract?  

As is true with dating, it’s important to depict yourself accurately while also thinking about what will appeal to the type of person you hope will be interested in you. What values does your agency hold? What unique features do you offer that might attract a specific type of insurance prospect? Just like dating, your ideals and values should match up with your clients’. 

Here are a few matchmaking principles to consider when you’re courting new customers: 

Physical Office Space

Where your office is located and how it looks—or if you even have one that is accessible to the public—are all important considerations. If you’re going after a high-end market, it could make sense to have a chic office with a tasteful sign. Your office should be highly visible and in a part of town where that audience is likely to frequent, like an upscale shopping area or in a retail strip just outside a gated community.

If that’s not in your budget, maybe you skip the office entirely and instead go after younger customers who’d rather do everything online. Then, if you do need to meet a customer in person, offer to go to their home or take them to coffee instead. Part of the money you save on an office could then be invested in marketing or improving your agency’s technology.

Your decision about your physical office space should be both a question of what is possible for you and what will attract the customers you want.

Online Presence and Capabilities

Your online presence should harmonize with your real-world choices, too. Pay for good website design and writing if you’re going after a wealthy crowd, and invest in an app with great functionality if you’re going after Millennials. If you’ve got a lot of older customers, make sure your website font is larger and readable. 

Keep social media accounts up to date. You don’t want a customer to start following your page and see that your last post was from November 2017, which can send a message that you are disorganized and lack attention to detail. Either find the time to keep your social media relevant, or suspend those accounts until you can.

Targeted Outreach

Targeted outreach is key to attracting the right customers. Good marketing isn’t about spamming as many people as possible and hoping for the best. A thoughtful marketing plan generally includes at least three considerations:

  • Who your intended customers are (demographic points like age, income level, location, and education level)
  • How those customers are best reached (email, direct mail, social media, radio ad, billboard, etc.) 
  • What messages will best resonate with them (protect your family; easy, affordable insurance; excellent coverage for all of your assets)

Also, be sure to ask yourself where your potential customers are and get your name in front of them. That could mean sponsoring a softball league populated with young adults, or buying ads in the theater programs at the high school in an upscale neighborhood. Maybe you form a partnership with the top realtor in a particular neighborhood to promote each other’s services or do a bit of schmoozing as you drop off a stack of business cards for a car dealership to hand out. The important thing to remember with all of these business choices is that you will have an easier time making them when you know who you’re trying to attract.

Hometown Quotes can help. When you sign up to receive leads, your Regional Director will help you review and tweak your settings to go after your ideal client. Give us a call at 800.820.2981 and we’ll do our best to help match you with the customers of your dreams.

Bailey Hubner

Bailey Hubner is the Email Marketing Manager at Hometown Quotes and Staff Writer for Hometown University.

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