How to Get High-Quality Returning Customers

So you’ve secured the client for a policy, but what about when it’s time to renew? How can you ensure you are going to get that repeat client and secure a high-quality returning customer? Even if you have worked with a client previously, that won’t mean a thing for your bottom line when they don’t come back.

With a huge amount of insurance options available, this means that the competition is going to be fierce for gaining return business. This also means that many other insurance agents will also be fighting for your client. This is why you need to conduct your sales pitches before their policy even ends.

Always be Accessible

One way to show your availability and get that high-quality returning customer is to make yourself accessible. It means being available by phone, email, or in person when your client needs you. If you are always unavailable or difficult to reach, your customer will quickly become frustrated. Another way to show your availability is to respond to questions and concerns. If a client sends you an email, make sure to respond promptly. If you wait days or weeks to respond, your agents will think you don’t care about their questions or concerns

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is always important, especially when people are starting to analyze their finances. Times to amp up the accessibility could be during times of economic change. People are often worried about their finances during these times, so insurers need to be there for them and answer any questions they may have. You can also increase communications before the Holidays or New Year. Lastly, it is always important to show you client that you are available before their policy expires so you are top of mind and you can secure them as a returning customer.

Make Your Customers Feel at Ease

Another important thing you need to do when talking with customers is to make them feel comfortable doing business with you. If they are uncomfortable, they will most likely not want to continue doing business with you. You can do things to make your customers feel more at ease, like providing them with snacks or beverages  if you see them in person or even asking their opinion on something.

Keep prices as consistent as possible

We understand that just as clients will be analyzing their finances before starting a new policy, you as a business owner will be doing the same. In order to get high quality returning customers, being able to provide them with similar rates over the years can help. Rates can vary by 100 percent, 200 percent, 300 percent, or even more—budget at the top end of the market to prepare for this.

In conclusion, there are a lot of insurance options available, and competition is going to be fierce for gaining return business.  So making sure you are able to provide your clients with consistency, availability, and trust will increase your chances of re-signing and getting that repeat business.

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