The mysterious, yet anecdotal phrase “Coming Soon” that most use to lure and mesmerize customers and prospects into checking out the latest and greatest new adventure they both can use to grow their relationship. In this case, “Coming Soon” feels legitimate and straight to the point and well worth the time for you to take 5 and see what’s happening with Hometown Quotes and how it benefits your agency! 

What’s Coming Soon?

  • New Blog Content (New segment called Qurious with Paula)
  • Who is Paula?

Not to skip ahead of ourselves, but in order for this renovation to take place you have to know more about the author. In the words of Humpty from Digital Underground, “Let me introduce myself, my name is…” Paula Gregory. Did you just hear The Humpty Dance as you read that? I may have just aged myself, but the 90s is the last great decade for great music. 

Squirrel! Now back to our regularly scheduled program…Who Am I?

I have been with Hometown Quotes (HTQ) since 2008. When I came to HTQ I was still wet behind the ears as my parents liked to call someone who hasn’t learned “everything” (as if we could learn “everything”). I had been in the luxurious mortgage industry making great money in my 20s. Of course once the crisis hit, I had to start over. 

I started working in our Quality Control department processing customer returns. By 2010 I had worked my way up to management. From 2010 – 2018 I had the opportunity to learn all aspects of our industry. Along the way I obtained both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in HR and Organizational Leadership which helped me to build most of our departmental procedures through education and experience. In 2018 I began my next journey in developing our larger relationships. I love mixing and mingling with our agents and corporate partners, putting faces to names, and being transparent about how HTQ can help agencies grow. I love talking to people and learning from them. 

With the current state of the world I thought this was a perfect time to help transcend my efforts in educating agents, letting you know exactly who HTQ is, and how this journey is for both us and our customers. I decided to take my show on the road virtually since we are limited to this new reality to gain insights. 


We were built By Agents. For Agents. Our founder was a captive carrier agent that was tired of the lead quality he was receiving, so he ventured out and established Hometown Quotes in 2004. We have always aimed to make sure not only are we providing you with high-intent leads, but also furnishing you with our knowledge bank. Feedback we have received from our customers along with our combined 50+ years of experience. 80% of our employees have held their insurance licenses. This makes it easier for us to understand your agency’s needs to optimize your experience with Hometown Quotes. We want to pass this information along to you because if the leads aren’t working for you, then we aren’t doing what we set out to do. 

Hometown University will be getting a new segment called Qurious. I will be providing my 12 years of experience along with feedback from insurance industry agents and our very own employees. We want to have one on one discussions about the ebbs and flow of working online leads. I want to have an interactive conversation about what works and what doesn’t. We will have freebies and promotions, videos and articles so don’t miss out for my first post on May 4th! 

We want to make sure we provide you with creative content that will empower your businesses. Feel free to suggest your own topics of interest and when chosen, you will be highlighted in our newsletter and receive free leads!

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