The holidays can throw a wrench into your sales plans because of travel, visitors, and time out of the office. It makes it very difficult to maintain your focus during this time because it is throwing you off your normal routine and schedule. Holidays can make this time of the year very stressful for salespeople because they attempt to do business the same way they did business mid-year. Your strategy requires a different approach at the end of the year. 

Stress doesn’t have to be part of your December. Try out these tried and true simple sales techniques that work so you can close more sales during the holiday season. 

  • Time Off Can Wait

December is known as the “slow” time of the year. People assume because of this pace, this is the best time to take off. While others are taking off, this is the time to maximize your sales. While some salespeople give up, others know if they work a little smarter and harder there are sales to be had. Taking this time to reach out to prospective customers, you can deepen relationships, close more deals, and/or build your pipeline for the New Year. 

  • Don’t Overlook Key Sales Activities

Key sales activities are all of the actions, sales procedures, and strategies that salespeople use to move prospects and customers through the sales process. Most salespeople depend and focus only on the deals that are likely to close in December which sets their funnel up for failure in the months to come. Instead focus on what is closable without disregarding the activities that keep your pipeline alive and ready for the Next Year. 

  • Prep Now

The routines that help you close out December and the year are the habits that will help you hit your goals throughout the next year. Cleaning your pipeline will help set yourself up for success. Explore different outreach methods besides cold calling. Try using video messaging and texting to connect with your prospects more effectively. Prepare by changing your messaging for the new year. Let’s stop addressing hard times due to the pandemic. It is overdone and overstated at this point. Ask prospects about their pain points initially instead of just asking for their time. 

If your end of the year sales goals are coming up short, it could be due to failed preparation at the beginning of the year. Your sales pipeline needs to turn at the beginning of the year to be successful at the end of the year. It is never too late to finish strong and lay the foundation for the New Year. Make the most of this holiday selling season, and your quota will reap the benefits.

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