How many bot calls do you receive in a week, even a day? They now come through with local numbers, so you don’t even know whether to answer the call or not. So with that being said, how do you contact more prospects and customers over the phone when you are competing with other insurance agents on the lead or telemarketers? 

With all that has happened in 2020 and all of our technology upgrades, we have to adjust our approach if we are going to be able to get prospects and customers over the phone. Check out why you should incorporate texting into your approach to get them talking with you. 

67% of people would rather use texting for appointments, reminders, and scheduling.

Sending a text beforehand allows the client to realize you are not a bot call and wasting their time. This also allows the client to let you know when the best time to call to respect their time as well. 

Remember to consider the following when texting:

  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself
  • Be personable which can build trust
  • Be concise and grammatically correct
  • Ask them to save your number

Studies show that over 90% of text messages have an open rate whereas emails have an average open rate of 20%.

96% of Americans own a cell phone versus 93% of households having access to one car. Let’s face it, we have our phones on us from when we wake up checking work emails or until we go to bed scrolling through TikTok. Make it easier on your client and contact them the way they prefer and the way that will get them to respond to you the most. 

Texting your clients is the least intrusive way to connect with them. If they are at work, helping the kids with schoolwork, or driving, it is easier for them to respond when they get a chance rather than feeling obligated to grab a hold of the phone to answer right then during those hectic times. 

Start trying to implement text messaging into your approach and see how your contact rate increases! Check out our other resources and tools to help with your company’s needs. Do you have other suggestions about how to implement texting? We want to know! Feel free to email me directly.

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