Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. This week, let us remember that no matter how turbulent and difficult our lives may feel, we can always find something to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with friends and family around the dinner table. This year may be harder to get together in person. This year it seems more important to show gratitude. Here are 3 scientifically proven benefits to showing gratitude:

  • It improves physical health. In 2012, according to Personality and Individual Differences, grateful people experience fewer aches and pains. 
  • It improves psychological health. Robert Emmons, a leading gratitude researcher, conducted multiple studies and it showed gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions; such as: envy and resentment.
  • People sleep better. In 2011, Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being published a study that shows that writing in a journal 15 minutes before bed improves your sleep and you may sleep better and longer.

We have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Maturing an attitude of gratitude is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your satisfaction with life.

Hometown Quotes would like to give thanks to our customers! You are very important to us and we appreciate all the work and loyalty you have shown us throughout the years. We extend our greatest gratitude to you and to your families this Thanksgiving Day! May you all be blessed and have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

We’d also like to give thanks to our wonderful employees for always working so hard and being diligent. We wouldn’t be the company we are today had it not been for all of the work each and everyone of you do on a daily basis. We thank you for your dedication and for being part of our Hometown Quotes Family!

May this Thanksgiving be packed full of socially distanced hugs just for you!

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