Providing great customer service means knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and the best way to say it. Communication is hard, but even harder when most support conversations revolve around “I have a problem…” and “Let me see how I can fix that problem for you.”

The right customer service phrase can transform a good customer experience into a great one, but using the wrong phrase can make an otherwise extraordinary support encounter become and feel detached. 

  1. Great question, I will find that out for you as soon as I can!

As a customer service representative, it can be difficult to know the right answer to all inquiries. It happens, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to leave your customer as lost as they were when they contacted you. If you don’t know the right answer, your job is to find out. 

Do not make the discussion about you, so avoid phrases such as “Sorry, I am new” or “I’ve never been asked that before, sorry.” Keep the focus on what you will do to get the answers the customer needs. When able to keep the focus on what will be done rather than what is happening will be your smartest move.  

    2. May I ask why that is?

Telling your customers that they shouldn’t do this or that will always end badly. Instead, trying to find an explanation for their situation is the best way to go by asking nicely for more information. Most customers have a hard time handling criticism, so harsh language is not recommended. Asking them why that is to gain more insight will let them open up more and help you to solve their problems better. 

    3. As much as I’d love to help…

Occasionally there are times where there is nothing more to do and you have to say “no.” Not all requests are feasible to fulfill. This is the point when you must let the customer know. Never mislead them into believing that there could be a solution. Say “no” from the start, but using this phrase allows you to say “no” politely without the customer feeling like they were misled or lied to. 

    4. Thank you so much for being our customer!

The last thing a customer should hear is “Thank you.” It lets them know that you appreciate them working with you. An issue can only be solved if both parties are involved. Thank the customer for assisting in the process and let them know you will always be happy to help them. 

Making customers feel satisfied can be demanding, especially when you’re becoming inundated by the situation. Having a warm, empathetic tone of voice goes a long way in creating real customer experiences. Showcasing a competent, friendly, and passionate customer service representative on the other end of the screen/phone never hurts.

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