Traditional banker hours are an outdated model for insurance agents. Agents need to keep up with changing times to continue to be successful. Agents in the Top 10 and make six figures and above are grinding over the weekend. Check out our 4 reasons every insurance agent should purchase and work evening and weekend leads. 

  1. Less competition, more business opportunities. Most agents are not purchasing evening and weekend leads which would give you a leg up on the competition. If the consumer is interested in a quote and you can help them, you will have more opportunities to obtain their business. 
  2. Consumers are shopping online. Over 75% of people are shopping at least once a month online and the more available you are to take on these real-time inquiries the more opportunity you have to reach your business goals. Consumers have more time in the evening and during the weekend since most are off work at those times. 
  3. Saturday appointments. If you set up Saturday appointments with consumers they are less likely to stand you up. Consumers are usually off on Saturdays and if they are willing to give up their time, the more likely they are to purchase. 
  4. Weekend calls. The best times to call over the weekend are Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings since consumers are more likely to be home and able to pick up the phone. Saturday mornings between 9am-Noon is the best time to make calls and set appointments for the upcoming week. 

Adding four additional hours to your evenings or weekends for 50 weeks adds 200 hours of extra work you put in which increases your chances of becoming a more successful insurance agent. With the extra time you are able to call on more leads and gain more prospects that could turn into more revenue. 

Looking to boost your revenue with evening or weekend leads? Contact Hometown Quotes to find consumers that fit your demographic needs. 

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