According to sales strategist Jill Konrath, 97 percent of all business calls go to voicemail now. Due to this, getting the best results during B2B sales phone prospecting depends heavily on your voicemail techniques. Here are 4 tips that we think will transform your voicemail strategy and increase your chances of getting your prospect to respond. 

  • Practice
    • The first step in transforming your voicemails is to practice. Practicing before, while leaving your message, and after it’s completed. Continue to test your voicemails to see which ones work best for you. RingDNA finds the best times to call and make contact are 4pm-6pm Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
  • Get excited
    • If you want prospects to call you back, you better be exciting and not monotone. No one wants to talk to someone that sounds unenthusiastic about their job or something that they are wanting you to buy. 
  • Provide value and ask for what you want
    • Be upfront and clear how you can empower your prospect. How will you save them time or money and benefit them? Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Be clear on what the next steps are whether it’s a consultation, an appointment, or the best time to talk to them.
  • Leave your number twice
    • This will ensure they understand and have the accurate number to reach you. When you repeat it, make sure to say it differently. For example, “8-0-0-8-2-0-2-9-8-1”  and “800-8-2-0-29-81.”

Regardless if the prospect calls you back or not, the voicemail will add value. The voicemail can trigger an email response or a call back later down the line. The better your voicemails are, the more likely you are to get a response.

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