Online insurance leads have come a long way since the 90s. We have all heard horrible stories about different experiences agents have had. Some self-inflicted, but most fall under failed expectations. Here at Hometown Quotes we do our best to align agents’ expectations with how we do business. Regardless if you are new to buying insurance leads or a legend at it already, learn more how Hometown Quotes takes care of our agents.

  1. We find the most high-intent online shoppers using search engine marketing (SEM). We own and operate several sites as well as partnering with trusted sources that generate leads the exact same way we do. Our products are auto, home, renters, and life leads. 
  2. We validate leads three ways by checking all leads are fresh (non-recycled) by checking the born on date of each lead we deliver, validating email addresses are active, and confirming the phone number is listed and active. 
  3. We limit distribution to our agents. We can deliver leads to up to four agents, although in many cases it is less than 2 agents. You will never compete with an agent from the same carrier. We deliver leads several ways: email, text notifications, and multiple CRMs, raters, and/or dialers. No matter how big or small your agency, we recommend choosing a CRM solution. 
  4. Agents can apply filters to receive the type of consumer that best fits their agency’s needs. We don’t charge extra for individual filters. We don’t recommend overloading your account with too many filters. You can discuss with our Regional Directors or Agent Service Representatives at any time what options we have to get the consumers you want.
  5. You can control where your leads come from by targeting specific geographic areas. We can apply territories by zip code, city, county, state, or by radius. 
  6. Hometown Quotes is dedicated to your success. We provide advice and content suited to your growth. Check out Hometown University!
  7. We have a generous return policy. Agents can return leads that meet our guidelines for up to 7 days after receiving the lead. We understand some false leads fall into the mix and you should not be held responsible for. We have a whole department dedicated to working your returns and validating them. 

Not all lead providers are made equal, but here at Hometown Quotes we strive to empower agents to grow. Many of our customers have told us about their previous experiences with other vendors about not refunding their balances, mismanagement of their account, or horrible customer service. Hometown Quotes pays close attention to building relationships between our agents and representatives. 

Want to learn more about Hometown Quotes? Check us out online or contact us today!

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