Do you know what customer service and customer experience mean? We use them interchangeably, but they are two different things. 

Customer service is one part of the bigger picture which is the customer experience. Customer service (CS) is a specific event when the customer reaches out for support on a specific issue. Customer experience (CX) is the complete journey the customer embarks on from beginning to end. 

When thinking of customer experience, the customer is touched by different aspects of the business (blogs, social media, live chat, promotions, etc.) and encountered work from each department (marketing, sales, and service) to complete their journey. The key to making the CX great is making sure all the interacting departments are linked together in messaging and flow. 

Customer service is the support function of the company. Customers come for advice and help when an issue arises with the product or service. This function is usually reactive because the customer is the one reaching out initially. Normally, this will be an isolated event. 

Customer service is quantifiable and customer experience is an ongoing relationship. Mastering this customer-centric approach is vital to the long term success of your company. Try not to draw hard lines between the two, it’s more of a blueish-grey line. Customers consider the whole package and you should too. 

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