One of the more powerful ways companies lose the most insight is by not trying to be proactive and collect customer’s feedback. Their feedback is a guide for leadership to map the path forward for every company from product to user experience and customer support. 

Customer feedback is information provided by customers about their experiences with a product or service. Collecting this feedback allows a company to recognize where there is room to improve and grow. Before a company can proactively collect their customer’s feedback, they should establish why they want to collect the data.

Harvard Business Review published research that found the simple act of just asking for the customer’s feedback in itself is enough to keep customers from churning even if they don’t respond to your inquiry. 

Asking customers for their feedback can provide direct advice on product and service improvements, build new features for their user experience, and build new processes around current customers to avoid complaints. There is no one tactic that fits all companies to obtain information from their customers. Different circumstances require different techniques of gathering customer feedback. Sending a survey to an already dissatisfied customer can make matters worse, but a phone call works better. 

When using customer feedback well, it can help to repair relationships and make existing ones stronger. Once a company knows why they want the feedback of their customers, they should build processes around obtaining it, share it widely throughout the organization and then act on it to help customers through every step of their journey with the company. 

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