Increasing your auto insurance sales is a top priority for your business as an insurance agent and it can be tricky to navigate your goals during the current climate. People are driving less, the economy is seeing higher unemployment rates, and depending where they live they could be experiencing city or county Safer at Home orders. During these unprecedented times, insurance agents can boost their exposure to online shoppers to increase their 2020 auto insurance sales or prepare for their 2021 goals. 

Here are the 4 Most Effective Tactics to Increase Your Auto Sales:

  • Work the leads already in your pipeline

Your pipeline is the best place to start because I am sure your CRM is filled with these opportunities. You want to quickly turn as many of those leads into customers. Try these strategies to work through your lists:

    • Everyone wants a lower price, so don’t set yourself up for failure selling on price. Instead sell on the right emotion that the prospect thinks is valuable. 
    • Don’t ask open-ended questions. It makes it easier for the prospect to say “no.” Take on the challenge and review how to overcome objections with preparation. If they are truly uninterested, do they have a referral for you?
    • No one wants to miss out hence FOMO – fear of missing out – being a powerful motivator. If everyone’s doing it, they may jump on the bandwagon. Promotions today may not be here tomorrow. 
  • Work your current book of business

Always use your existing book of business as a route to take when increasing your sales. See how they can assist in growing your agency by:

    • Can you cross sell them? Drive new business through issuing quote bonuses. If they let you quote them for home insurance, they will receive a gift card, free pizza, no-cost freebie like ways to save on energy costs infographics. 
    • Can they refer someone to your agency? Would you offer a small reward for that referral?
    • Create and implement exciting email campaigns that give your customers value and remind them of expirations and future-dated policies.
  • Work beyond your current network

Don’t just rely on what you have in house currently. Extend your network in the following ways:

    • Do you know anyone that is a car salesperson? If not, make friends so they can refer their customers to you for the car insurance they must provide proof of before purchasing the car. 
    • Mechanic shops are another source where I am sure they hear their customers complain about their current auto policies and could refer you to possibly quote features that best fit their needs/wants. 
    • Talk to friends and family members about giving positive reviews online and/or referring others they know would benefit from your services. 
  • Get more leads

Every agent needs more quality leads to continue to build their pipeline. Our leads are consumers who don’t need to be convinced to buy auto insurance. They are high-intent leads generated through paid search, display and email advertising, and marketing partners that use the same tactics we use to generate leads. 

Leads are opportunities to get in front of consumers. You may not always convert them into customers, but you will speak to consumers who are actively interested in receiving insurance quotes. 

If you are new to purchasing leads or have been around the block once, twice, or fifty times, Hometown Quotes, provides informative advice that will help you sail the online lead seas of working them effectively and amplifying your sales and customer goals. Check out why our customers, insurance agents, choose Hometown Quotes as their #1 Online Lead Provider! 

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