In 2008, Hometown Quotes sales department were looking for new software to manage their online leads. Two things stick out to me from that statement:

  1. 2008 was 12 years ago, let that sink in.
  2. If we were using lead management systems back then, you should definitely be using them now in 2020.

The key to long-term success in companies boils down to how strong and effective their sales pipeline is. Modern technology now offers powerful lead management tools that can capture the most value from existing leads to incoming prospects for sales managers. 

The lead management process is one of the most important procedures that can stunt the growth of your business. Don’t rely on the old method of using pen and paper along with the torn pieces of Post-it notes to document your customer interactions. Companies outgrow those manual processes. Instead, use technology that is built around facilitating lead interactions and conversions. 

Managing leads can be complex especially as your pipeline continues to grow. By not adopting new lead management techniques you run a risk of losing sales opportunities due to forgotten tasks for long periods of time. Once a strong lead management system is put into place, agents can see the following benefits:

  • You will be able to collect, organize, sort, and analyze lead data in volume
  • Your customized dashboard will consolidate activity for internal and external communication
  • You can automate tasks seamlessly to distribute leads within your agency, track their status, qualify them, and set alerts and reminders. 
  • Employees will be able to record all the interactions they have with leads in one place to make it easier for everyone that works them.

When everyone has access to this information, employees are not wasting hours on doing manual procedures. The lead management system will help ensure that the collected data is accurate and useful. 

As your business continues to grow, lead management systems will become an increasingly necessary resource to automate your sales process. Your CRM should be the focal point for scaling your sales process. The more you get out of your CRM, you find that your universal process becomes both efficient and easier. 

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