Improving Your Insurance Sales Game During the Holiday Season

As we’re starting on the Holiday festivities, it might be sort of a tall order getting to engage someone regarding an insurance offer you may have for them. Considering that this might be one of the closest to normal holiday seasons we may have for the past few years, therefore you cannot leave anything to chance when packaging your insurance offers.

Ever since it started, the pandemic hasn’t quite left any industry unaffected when it comes to making us rethink our workplace cultures and the way we do things. Many of us were therefore forced to say goodbye to in-person meetings, and this has affected how we initiate sales.

At Hometown Quotes, we’ve taken our time to understand the dynamics of the new normal when it comes to making insurance sales pitches to management and people in other levels of business.

To thrive in this new normal of doing things virtually, you must be able to understand and accept that you no longer have the luxury of picking up the cues you would have during an in-person meeting. To add to this virtual scheme of things, the fact that we’re in a holiday season and most people have closed shop for the holidays means that even fewer people would be expected to be in the office. You should therefore curate your insurance business ventures around settings that wouldn’t have your lead feeling too stretched.

Understanding the Workplace Culture during the Holidays

While most people have set up a base at home, it is worth noting that elements of the workplace culture are bound to be maintained. Those elements need to be respected that much more during the holiday season. If members of the organization are working from home, it’s understandable a laptop may be in reach, or a phone near by – but when people are noted as “off work” or do not respond promptly, give extra time knowing that time with loved ones is a priority.

When you’re looking to make a proposal to management, you must equip yourself with an idea of how the organization operates, its workplace culture. Once you understand the ideals and principles under which an organization operates, it becomes relatively easier to package your business proposal in a way that would most appeal to and be in line with the organization’s objectives. To work your lead properly, it is a good idea that you get the most information you possibly can, and that is one of the perks of working with Hometown Quotes. If you are able to speak with someone at an organization prior to the pitch you may be able to glean information about a few key members, their holiday plans or the company’s party to weave into a conversation.

When it comes to management, the workplace culture can at most if not all times elicit a sense of belonging. Something that is evermore important during the Holiday season. When you structure your insurance pitch in a way that’s in line with complimenting this culture, then you’re as good as already having one foot inside the room.

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