Insurance Sales Strategies for the Holiday Season

1. Try to listen more to the prospects
When making a proposal to someone, things are bound to go easier for you if whoever you’re talking to feels comfortable. In the first few seconds of your business proposal, try to establish some level of trust which you can then build on as you sell your idea.

2. Cover all potential angles
Like every other presentation, making a business pitch of whatever kind requires that you leave nothing to chance when it comes to your preparation. As much as you may have done some research on whoever it is you’d be pitching to, you can never be too sure who it is you’ll be meeting or the questions they may raise to you. So, it is important that you try as much as you can to consider all possible points of contention and consequently have ways of addressing them.

3. Keep it simplistic
When approaching a lead, it may be quite off-putting if your pitch leaves them feeling dumb about the subject of your business proposal. Especially when talking to management staff, try as much as you can to ensure that your choice of words doesn’t have them feeling challenged. While the opposite may at times be considered as massaging their egos, proposing an insurance package to the management staff of an organization should always be handled delicately.

4. Be available for inquiries
While not every lead may buy what you’re selling, at times they may more than likely be the bridge to link you to your next customer. Even if a lead has already expressed a lack of capacity to buy your insurance package, as long as they’re interested and willing to learn more, always be available to make it happen.

5. Customize your packages
Regardless of who you’re selling to, whenever someone feels like a business proposition is tailored to their needs, they are more than likely to buy-in. When you’re planning on approaching a lead, try as much as possible to structure your proposition in a way that would make the lead feel as though the package was made entirely with them in mind.

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