10 Ways to Stay Motivated

Burnout happens to the best of us. And it happens in all professions—even ones that seem exciting. Take being an astronaut, for example. Sure, getting rocketed into outer space must be pretty darn thrilling. But you have to imagine there’s someone orbiting the globe right now who is pretty sick of checking the seal on the door to the International Space Station.

The fact is that every job has periods of tedium and tasks that are repetitious. If you’ve found yourself feeling ho-hum about insurance sales, we’ve created a list of 10 different actions you can take to shake off the doldrums and remotivate yourself to do your best work.

  1. Start a gratitude practice. Choose a number—often three or five is enough—and keep a daily journal of anything that is good in your life. It’s fine if you repeat list items from one day to the next—it’s not about being original, it’s about being truly grateful. Done first thing in the morning, a gratitude practice can help you create a positive mindset that will affect your mood and behavior all day.
  2. Create visual reminders. An easy way to help maintain your focus is to put up a note or sign with a written reminder of your goals, a quote that inspires you or a new habit that you’re trying to form. (“Smile before speaking on the phone.”) Swap it out regularly so you don’t start ignoring your own good advice.
  3. Find a mentor. Tap into the wisdom of an insurance veteran. Anyone who has managed to make a career out of insurance sales probably has some valuable insights to share about making it through periods of burnout. Talk through your issues and ask for support when you find yourself in a sluggish phase.
  4. Read. Check out the top books on The New York Times business book top-seller list or read a few articles and blogs about insurance and sales. You will expand your knowledge and hone your own expertise even as you tap into someone else’s.
  5. Enter into competition. If you’re one of those people who likes to win, use that to your advantage. Find another agent to compete in a monthly sales challenge or set a specific challenge for yourself each month that builds on the previous month.
  6. Find an accountability buddy. Accountability doesn’t have to include competition. Put out feelers to your friends to see who has a goal they’d like to meet; any kind of goal is fine—theirs doesn’t have to be work-related just because yours is. Then share your goals. Agree to check in on each other on a regular basis to give each other updates and encouragement.
  7. Visualize your future. Take five minutes to ground yourself in a comfortable chair in a quiet setting. Then picture what your optimal work future might look like. Who and what are in your office space? How many hours a week are you working? What are your customer interactions like? What are your sales figures? Try to envision every detail.
  8. Repeat a mantra. Once you have a clear vision for your future, choose one aspect of that vision and say it out loud or write it down 50 times every day as if it has already happened. E.g., “I am one of the top three producers at my insurance agency every month.” Do this until you see progress happening. Then do it again with a different mantra.
  9. Set concrete goals. Assign yourself both realistic and stretch goals to strive for and revisit them at least once per quarter. If you don’t meet a goal, don’t beat yourself up. Reset and try again.
  10. Maintain a supply of fresh leads. Success begets success, and having fresh insurance leads is a good way to get a quick win. This is an area where Hometown Quotes can help. Our insurance leads are generated in real time and sent to you within minutes so you can start contacting insurance shoppers immediately.

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